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"We are GIVING money away"

I want to provide grant and scholarship application opportunities online, manage the whole process easily, and fulfill our funding objectives more efficiently.
"I'm ASKING for money, or HELPING others ask for money"

I want to apply for funding or find new Grant Seeking clients who need my help with their proposals.
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What happens next?

1. Create your Donor account - (approx. 2 minutes) This will set you up with an Administrative account, empty grant and scholarship applications, and provide you with an invoice to send to your Accounts Payable team.

2. Set up additional Administrative and Funding Committee accounts - (approx. 30 seconds each) You control access to your applications, and you can do this anytime. Remember, additional users are free to add.

3. Customize your applications - (approx. 1 hour, much less if you are copying) Design your applications with the features and settings you need and want. Release them to the public when you are ready.

4. Put ZoomGrants™ on your website - (approx. 1 minute) One line of HTML is all you need to put on your website to have access to all of the ZoomGrants™ features and functionality.

5. Wait for applications to come in - (set your own schedule) After the applications are submitted, you and your team will use the Review Tools to move forward through your funding process.

What happens next?

If you are only applying for funding, when you find a grant or scholarship application that uses ZoomGrants™, you can log in as an Existing User, click Apply, and get started.

If you are a Writer for hire, then:

1. Create your Writer account - (approx. 2 minutes) This includes paying for your subscription which will allow applicants all over the world to find you.

2. Complete your profile - (approx. 5 minutes) Adding your photos, specialties, and a brief bio about why someone should hire you will go a long way toward meeting the right clients.

3. Wait for applicants to contact you - (they will find you) Once an applicant contacts you, negotiate your own payment terms with them. Then they will give you access to their application and you can get to work.

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