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City of Las Vegas - Neighborhoods
Department of Youth Development and Social Innovation
FY 20/21 YNAPP
Deadline  11/2/2020
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YNAPP offers grants for up to $1,250 for youth to create and implement neighborhood-based service learning projects of their own design. Youth are project leaders and work towards ways to make changes in their neighborhoods and throughout the community based on their ideas and their vision for their neighborhood.
YNAPP: • encourages youth to take ownership of their neighborhoods and work with adults and local businesses to make it a better place to live • gives them the opportunity to participate in the betterment of their communities • taps youths’ underutilized assets and provides opportunities, resources, funds, and guidance • enables youth to become involved in their communities by helping to improve their neighborhoods
ELIGIBILITY: • Youth participants between ages of 7 and 18 (from neighborhood associations, social organizations, religious groups, educational institutions, etc.) are eligible to apply for YNAPP funding. • Any property valued at $500.00 or more must be inventoried and must be accounted for at the end of the program year.
PROJECTS MUST: • List the youth leader and adult advisor that will be the point of contract throughout the completion of project • Be developed and implemented by youth at every stage with adults serving as advisors • Address a neighborhood need • Occur within the city of Las Vegas limits • Match the grant funds with volunteer time, in-kind donations of goods and services and/or financial contributions (volunteer time is valued at $25 per hour). Volunteer hours can be 100 percent of neighborhood match • YNAPP grants may be used for direct operations of the project or transportation costs (if needed); however, the majority of the grant money must be used to carry out the project

Restrictions  [hide this]

• For overhead costs
• For salaries or wages
• For fundraising activities
• For direct donations to other organizations
• To supplement city programs or activities
• By city staff on city time
• To purchase gift cards
• Any other cost the city of Las Vegas considers unacceptable
**Adult team leaders may not work for the City of Las Vegas.

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