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CLOSED  Deadline  4/25/2020
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CDBG CARES funds are being made available as a reulst of COVID-19.  The City has received $839,740 and will be making it all available for Public Service Providers to apply for.  The non-profit must be able to provide evidence of increased beneficiaries through new or existing services as a result of COVID-19.  



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For applications seeking reimbursement for salaries/wages of employees, you will need to submit paystubs and timecards (in addition to new beneficiaries served).

For applications seeking reimbursement for direct services provided, you will need to provide the appropriate documentation (Ex: for rental/mortgage support, a copy of the lease agreement or mortgage statement and copy of cancelled check).  Beneficiary data for all household members served would be reported monthly.

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CDBG CARES funding should not be supplanting other federal aid through the CARES Act.  

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1. Please describe the services you are providing to households impacted by COVID-19.

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2. Are any of your services new or at new locations? If yes, please describe. If no, please describe the nature of how your organization is ensuring that vulnerable households impacted by COVID-19 will be able to receive services.

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3. What type of activities will your financial request support?

4. Do you have an ability to add a question to your application that reads, “I am seeking assistance due to COVID-19.”?
You will need to track the new beneficiaries to your organization as a result of COVID-19 for monthly reporting

5. How many beneficiaries do you anticipate serving as a result of COVID-19?
Please estimate for the next 12 months.

Maximum characters: 255. You have characters left.

6. Do you have the capacity to start using the funds immediately upon notification of approval for funds?

7. If no, on #6, please note the anticipated date that you will be able to use funds.
Enter N/A if this does not apply.

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8. Do you anticipate any issues with expending your current CDBG Public Services contract with an increase in funding for COVID-19?

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