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Mortgage Assistance
Deadline  5/10/2021
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To apply for mortgage assistance, you will need to complete all questions and provide all required documents.  A representative from NeighborWorks will contact you in the order your application was received.  All funds are on a first come/first serve basis, for income eligible households living in the municipal boundaries of Meridian and Boise.  Staff will verify your income, your location, and meet with you to discuss your household budget.  These funds are limited to single-family homeowners and their primary residence.

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To qualify, you must:

  • Live within the municipal boundaries of Meridian or Boise;
  • Are facing financial hardship due to COVID-19;
  • Be income eligible (under 80% Area Median Income) based on annual gross income of all persons in the household earning, whom are over the age of 18 (regardless of whether they contribute towards the mortgage or not); 
  • Understand that if you have a City of Boise or NeighborWorks mortgage, this assistance can not be used to pay those mortgages;
  • Understand that this is one-time assistance;
  • Funding is only for single-family households with their primary residence; and
  • Understand that any misrepresentation of information provided may result in the disqualification of assistance and they may have to pay NeighborWorks.

Funds are provided by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development through the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) CARES program.  

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1. Do you currently have a 1st mortgage with the City of Boise or NeighborWorks?

2. Please select your preference for completing the required counseling session:

3. I live within the municipal boundaries of:

4. My annual gross income (before taxes) is less than:
Gross income is for all persons over the age of 18 earning an income, whether they contribute towards the mortgage.

5. I am requesting assistance due to a change of income as a result of COVID-19.

6. I certify that to the best of my ability that the information I am submitting is true and correct. I understand that if in the event I have misstated information, it may result in the denial of my application.

7. Please select your preferred day/time for completing your required counseling session:

8. Please select you preferred day(s) for completing your required counseling session:

9. I authorize NeighborWorks to contact my primary lender as a response to this application.


Documents Requested * Required? Uploaded Documents *
Last two months of paystubs for all household members earning an income over the age of 18 Required
Last two months of bank statements for all household members who have a checking account Required
-none- Upload
Last two months of assets (savings account, IRA, 401k, etc.) This is required if you have them.
-none- Upload
Picture Driver's license or other government issued identification for borrowers Required
-none- Upload
Current mortgage statement Required
-none- Upload
Beneficiary Data
Download template: Beneficiary Data
-none- Upload
Monthly Budget
Download template: Monthly Budget
-none- Upload
Unemployment Determination - if you have been approved for unemployment, please upload documentation.
-none- Upload

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