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CARES Act Community Planning Application CDBG-CV ESG-CV
CLOSED  Deadline  5/22/2020
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On March 27, 2020 the President signed the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act to assist communities in addressing the emerging needs during this public health crisis. As part of the CARES Act, Pima County was allocated funding (CDBG-CV and ESG-CV) to address the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on our community. 

This Community Planning Application makes available a one time funding for CDBG-CV and ESG-CV eligible activities, provided they address prevention, preparation, and response to COVID-19. Examples of COVID-19 response activities are located in the CDBG Eligible Activities to Support Infectious Disease Response and ESG Eligible Activities to Support Infectious Disease Response documents located in the Library section of this application.

Restrictions  [hide this]

Please note that decreases in funding are not considered to be eligible reasons for the allocation of CDBG-CV and ESG-CV funding. Applicants are required to demonstrate a direct increase in service need due to the pandemic. Furthermore, applicants are required to verify other CARES Act funding they have received and/or have applied for. 

Library  [hide this]
DescriptionFile NameDate UploadedFile Type
Pima County Insurance Clause PimaCountyInsuranceClause.pdf 4/22/2020 6:57:36 PM PDF
Pima County Agency Assessment Policies & Procedures PimaCountyAgencyAssessmentPoliciesProcedures.pdf 4/22/2020 6:58:08 PM PDF
Outputs & Outcomes OutputsandOutcomesDefinitions.docx 4/22/2020 6:58:53 PM DOCX
Pima County Draft CDBG Target Areas Pima_County_draft_new_Target_Areas.png 4/22/2020 6:59:44 PM PNG
CDBG Eligible Activities to Support Infectious Disease Response Quick-Guide-CDBG-Infectious-Disease-Response.pdf 4/22/2020 7:11:43 PM PDF
CDBG Matrix Codes & Definitions Matrix-Code-Definitions.pdf 4/22/2020 7:14:05 PM PDF
Getting Started with ZoomGrants GettingStartedWithZG.pdf 4/28/2020 8:42:46 AM PDF
ESG Eligible Activities to Support Infectious Disease Response Eligible-ESG-Program-Costs-for-Infectious-Disease-Preparedness.pdf 4/28/2020 8:43:10 AM PDF
May 4, 2020 Technical Assistance PowerPoint TAPowerpointCDBG-CVESG-CV.pdf 5/4/2020 12:06:47 PM PDF
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