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City of Columbia, SC
OCD COVID Cares Funding
COVID Cares - Housing Relief Fund
Deadline  9/30/2022
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The City of Columbia is accepting applications for assistance for low and moderate income individuals or families whose income has been negatively affected by the Coronavirus pandemic. Recipients will be require to submit proof of a COVID related hardship and that they will be self-sufficient financially after receiving aid. Qualified recipients must reside in the Columbia municipality.



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Households must demonstrate an inability to meet rent or utility obligations through documenting a loss of income and lack of assets available to meet financial obligations. 

Successful applicants must be residents of the City of Columbia whose address lies within the Incorporated City Limits.  The following link can be used to determine if your address lies within the Incorporated City Limits of Columbia: 

Household must have a documented substantial decrease in household income defined as related to COVID 19 impacts due to health, employment, out-of-pocket medical expenses, or school childcare closures as evidenced by the following: 

- Termination Notice 

- Payroll Check or Pay stubs

- Signed Letter from Employer Explaining Reduction in Hours 

- Unemployment Award Letter

- Medical Bills 

Total household income must not exceed 80% of the Area Median Income (AMI). 


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