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Small Business Disaster Assistance
CLOSED  Deadline  5/31/2020
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Small Business Disaster Assistance Program (SBDAP)

The newly created Small Business Disaster Assistance Program will serve businesses not eligible under the Economic Investment Program (EIP) or Small Business Investment Program (SBIP). The budgeted amount for this program is $100,000, which provides a one-time amount of up to $2,500 for operational expenses.  Applications will be accepted on a first come, first qualified basis. The program will be suspended after the first 40 applications are received or program funds are exhausted; whichever comes first.

The program will be managed by the City’s Economic Development office, and businesses will be required to provide proof of eligible costs.  The grant funds may not be used for any payroll purposes, including, but not limited to, salaries, bonuses, retirement contributions or payments, severance pay, etc., and must be used for operational or other expenses not covered by other Federal, State or Local programs.  The operational expenses may include the payment of mortgages or leases or utility payments.

Requirements  [hide this]

Businesses applying for the program must include copies of:

  1.   Current lease agreement or mortgage
  2.   Most recent RT-6 quarterly wage report (or similar document acceptable to City)
  3.   Most recent utility bills (water, sewer, garbage, phone, internet, gas)
  4.   Recent Sunbiz annual report (if business is registered on Sunbiz)
  5.   City of Ocala Business Tax Certificate, if applicable
  6.   Completed W-9 signed by an authorized owner
  7.   Completed New Vendor Information form

Additional information my be requested.

Restrictions  [hide this]

Businesses applying for the program must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be a locally owned business; non-chain
  • Place of business must be located within the city limits, or the Ocala Electric Utility service territory
  • Small business is identified as 25 or fewer individuals on payroll
  • Current with lease/mortgage payments, taxes and utility payments up to the time of the declared disaster
  • Cannot have any liens, warrants or judgments against the owner or the business
  • Cannot have any outstanding code violations at the time of application
  • Cannot be a non-profit or home-based business

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Applicaton Steps:

1.  Eligible company submits completed application to the City.  Application must include copies of:

  • Current Lease Agreement or Mortgage
  • Most Recent RT-6 Quarterly Wage Report (or similar document acceptable to City)
  • Latest Utility Bill (water, sewer, garbage, phone, internet, gas)
  • Recent Sunbiz Annual Report (if business is registered on Sunbiz)
  • City of Ocala Business Tax Certificate, if applicable
  • W-9
  • Completed New Vendor Information Form

    Additional information may be requested.

2.  Submit complete application.  Applications will be date and time stamped in order of receipt.

3.  Within five (5) business days of receipt, City reviews application for eligibility and completeness of document submission and provides notice of award.

4.  Staff initiates the payment process which may take up to two weeks based on City's payment processing schedules. 


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