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ZoomGrants™ is an online Grant Management System (GMS) that has become a powerful and intuitive 'best practice' in grantmaking. We are proud to be known for being the easiest tool to use, and for providing the best customer service in the online grants industry.

Customizable Applications - Grants or Scholarships
You create the proposal applications exactly the way you want, collecting the data you need to make your funding decisions as well as data for reporting back to your stakeholders.
  • Pre-Application screening (LOI)
  • Proposal Questions
  • Program Budget
  • Document Attachments
  • Post-Funding Reporting
  • Activity Log (automatically generated)

Your Review Process
Once proposals are received, your decision team can get started with the review process, even before the deadline arrives. For each proposal, the reviewers can provide input for the following:
  • Custom scoring criteria
  • Private notes
  • Committee discussion
  • Voting recommendations
  • Allocation recommendations

Powerful Administrative Tools
Designed to be a grant manager's personal assistant, our easy-to-use tools enable staff to maintain full control of the process while managing all other users in an effective and reliable manner. With a special emphasis on decision tools, reporting, and communications, ZoomGrants makes the process faster AND better.
  • Workflow dashboards
  • Proposal comparison features
  • Weighted scoring comparisons
  • Custom email notification templates
  • Invoice & payment tracking
  • Post-funding reporting
  • Export data as CSV, XLS or PDF

Some things just shouldn't have limits placed on them:
  • Number of Users
  • Proposals Received
  • Document Attachments
  • Technical Support

User Friendly
Don't take our word for it. Take a look at the Recent Comments from some of our customers (scrolling in the right hand column).
  • Automatically saves data
  • Intuitive navigation
  • Email confirmations

Customer Service
Our highest priority is ensuring that your staff, your reviewers, and your applicants have the best grant application experience ever. While that may not mean that everyone receives funding, it does mean that the process was so smooth that the focus was on the content and not the process itself.


ZoomGrants™ is packed with quite a few powerful features. This is just a partial list...
One-time account activation $500
Per year subscription fee $2,500
Grant Program Fee (each program) $2,000
24/7/365 access on your website
Multi-lingual translations
Tech support - unlimited
Proposals received - unlimited
Funding committee members - unlimited
Auto-Saved Answers
PDF/Email/Print proposals
Saved email templates
Email notices of new proposal received
Customizable questions
Customizable reports
Concurrent grant programs
Upload supporting documents
Program budget (applicant)
Scholarships for individuals
Upload administrative documents
Pre-application/Eligibility quiz
Unique funding committees
Compare proposals side-by-side
Weighted scoring system
Enter trial balances
Invoice & payment tracking
Post-funding reporting - multiple periods
Export data to spreadsheet - .CSV
Activity Log
Pre-ZoomGrants™ historic data


System Requirements
The only thing required for using ZoomGrants™ is a browser with an Internet connection. Any browser. Any operating system. Any time. This means you and your users will have 24x7x365 access to your grant programs from anywhere in the world that you can get Internet access.

Installing ZoomGrants™ requires only one line of HTML to embedded on your website. No software will be installed on your servers.

There are several security measures in place that ensure the protection and availability of your data, ranging from the user level to the server level, and even the physical location of the servers.

First, all users are required to login with their own userid and password, giving them access only to the information that they are authorized to access. Once logged in, they are automatically logged out after a period of inactivity.

Next, you have the option to encrypt your pages and data transfers using our Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate. While this will encrypt data transfers for you and your users, it would require that the pages on your website also be encrypted.

Finally, the datacenter where everything is housed has significant security and redundancy features in place, including:
  • Multiple SAS 70 Type II Certified data centers
  • Parallel, redundant, multi-tiered network architecture
  • Multiple Tier 1 telecom providers and direct Internet connections
  • Complete redundancy in supplying data center power to servers and HVAC
  • 24x7x365 redundant monitoring from multiple locations
  • State-of-the-art network monitoring software
  • Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack response
  • Secured physical entrances/exits
  • Nightly security updates


Here are a few slideshows that will give you a taste of what ZoomGrants™ can do for you. These links will open the slideshows in a new window/tab.

The Overview
The Overview Video (YouTube)
The Overview Video (full download)

Applicant Experience
How To Apply For a Grant (YouTube)
How To Apply For a Grant (slideshow)

Funding Committee Experience
How To Review Applications (YouTube)
How To Review Applications (slideshow)

Administrative Experience
How to Administer Grants

Recent Comments

ZoomGrants is by far the easiest grant submission system that I have seen. Even someone with no experience in grant submissions can do this.
AnnaMarie J.
Executive Director

Auto save! Easy to use and navigate. I've used many grant app programs and this by far is the best!
Shelley D.

This system was easy to use. I liked that it told me how many characters I had left. I liked that it printed out the full screen.
Diane S.
Division Director

Thanks so much. This is certainly a level of customer service to which I am unaccustomed!
Mary C.
Manager of Programs and Grants
New Jersey

ZoomGrants is an applicants dream come true! Easy to navigate. Easy to update. Easy to upload. Now if it could just guarantee that my application would be approved and funded...!
Shelley D.

I found the system very easy to use and a big improvement over running down to Kinko's to make copies, etc. Hopefully your system will catch on with other funders as well. Thanks for bringing it to the Loveland HRC process!
Gary T.
Executive Director

ZoomGrants was particularly easy to use. The directions were clear, the site was easy to navigate and uploading documents was simple.
Susan D.
Grants Manager

Painless & seamless process! I was impressed with the overall ease of the application process and how it automatically saved which allowed me to focus on the content and not the computer part of the application.
Jennifer M.
Operating Systems Officer

This made the grant writing process very easy. The form was clear and easy to fill out. The process for downloading documents worked well. The print function allowed me to save a hard copy for my records. I would recommend this to any grantmaker.
Susan A.
Executive Director

Talk about customer service! I wish more people were such a professional pleasure to work with...I will rest easy now and hope to hear some good news soon!
Jennifer S.
Donations Coordinator

This is a great service used by the Phoenix Suns Charity organization. Wanted to share.
Gina J.
Executive Director

This is the second time I've used ZoomGrants. Online grants are definitely a way of the future, and I think grant writers would appreciate it if more grantmakers would make use of this process.
Gayle T.
Grants Chairman

How to Get Started
Create your Administrator account.

Create and customize your new grant program.

Install ZoomGrants™ on your website (one line of HTML).

Add Funding Committee members.

View proposals as they are submitted.

Have Questions?
Give us a call!


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